Brent’s Coding Nits

I agree with every one of Brent Simmons’s coding nits, even if I don’t practice what he preaches completely. Everybody has to make some mistakes to keep life interesting, right?

There’s also one point he makes:

All of your class names should have a prefix. All of them.

Which I think is particularly applicable to shared code such as the kind he’s reviewing on GitHub when compiling this list of nits. It’s not nearly so important, and in fact not really that important at all, for a project’s private classes to have prefixes. For example if you make a new app called “Motorcycle Derby,” you should be forgiven for calling your app’s delegate class “AppDelegate.m” if that is what suits you. By this point in history, Apple takes virtual namespacing seriously enough that you’re unlikely to clash with an unprefixed name from them, and so long as everybody distributing shared library code follow’s Brent’s rule above, you won’t clash with them either.

Still, you can’t go wrong by adding prefixes to be extra sure that you won’t conflict with anybody.